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Let me start off by saying that May has flown by faster than I would care to admit and only yesterday did I stop to catch my breath. With the Astor and the Raindrops on Roses launch, half marathon training, jewelry shows the last two Saturdays, and socializing I needed some serious rest. And by rest I mean shoe shopping.

Below are some updates that I’ve been meaning to post but didn’t get around to this weekend including my new shoe purchase, Personal Bank Account (PBA) update, and a great happily ever after story for a clutch I exfoliated a few weeks ago.

New Shoes

yellowshoesIf you’ve been following my exfoliation journey this year you probably have noticed that I have exfoliated about 10 pairs of shoes since January. Over the winter I created an intention to wear cute, comfortable, and flat shoes this summer and realized my actual shoe wardrobe fell far short of this goal. So all of my painful, ill fitting, and worn out shoes took a hike. But that also left me with exactly three choices each morning and I can only wear navy velvet ballet slippers with so many outfits.

Which lead to these little pretties. I found them at DSW for $39.99 and they meet my cute and cozy criteria. I also bought a few other pairs, but these canary yellow ones are the highlights.

PBA- How are you doing?

dailyvitamins1Last week I mentioned I am trying to increase my theoretical personal bank account by eating my vitamins. Having this handy pill organizer kept me honest. As you can see I ate them four days, though I thought about them every day (which means I have no excuse for these stragglers). The actual act of eating these supplements is difficult- they are practically a choking hazard and they taste disgusting. Why would I want to actually eat them? Enter Erica’s awesome comment about eating gummy children’s vitamins instead of the women’s type (with the particularly offensive flavor). Jackpot! I am now counting down the days until my next T.Joe’s trip.

How are everyone else’s PBA deposits coming?

Happily Ever After

fiftythings30Remember the red clutch from the Throw Out Fifty Things challenge in April? Tamara was the first to comment and snag the vintage bag and sent me a little update on the clutch below. tamaraclutch“in figuring out a couple of tricks in being a new mommy, jess’ lovely red clutch has helped me solve the hassle of organizing my things versus the baby’s things when dropping off my son at grandmom’s for a few hours.  instead of throwing everything in the diaper bag and trying to make sure i have my things when i leave, i now keep my own necessities in the clutch — wallet, coupon book (which is actually a floppy photo book), keys, and my favorite owl from my etsy store.  and the diaper bag stays with grandmom’s while i’m away.  easy!”


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  1. Love those yellow flats! You can wear those almost every day. Plus, love that the cute little clutch found a new home.

  2. Jill

    LOVE the shoes Jess, so awesome. I may have to find a pair of yellow shoes for myself. so cute! I was 4/7 on the PBA last week… better hop to it! Happy Monday!

  3. OMG – I HAVE THOSE! I bought those about a month ago, and when my sister came out to visit, she bought them too! Cutest. Shoes. Ever.

  4. Jess

    @ all: Glad you like the new shoes. So far they are a great addition to my basics clothes.

  5. Hey, sorry about the mix up with the white clutch. I just wanted to tell you that I’ve added your blog to my blogroll.

  6. Jess

    @ Charmaine: No worries at all! Hope you have a great weekend!

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