using siri for focus points

Two nights ago Mr. Lively and I were reading The Way of the Superior Man (yes, we are still working through the book) and one of the quotes struck me. David Deida said “You are that which you seek.”

I liked it and wanted to keep it in mind as I continue to grow my career and help more people. I don’t want to constantly be “seeking” when I’m in so many ways where I wanted to be when I started out four and a half years ago in my tiny little studio apartment taking Jess LC full-time. Man have I come a long way. And man, do I have a long way to go!

Anyways, out of the blue I decided to reach over to my phone after Mr. Lively read the quote aloud and I told Siri to remind me everyday at 9:00am that “I am that which I seek.” By having the alert each day I am less likely to let it slip past my awareness.

It is kind of like putting my focus point on automatic pilot.

I share this because it could easily be done with any automatic alert system and any personal intention.

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  1. Annie

    Love this whole post. Such a wonderful quote, first of all, and a great idea for a way to keep it on your mind and radar. I love the idea of using a mantra to help guide our actions.

  2. Patti

    Very cool! a great way to get some affirmations in : ) Thanks!

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