Valentines Day: Cooking Classes

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The romantic candlelit setting.

I return back to the jewelry studio tired but with a smile on my face from all the fun I had this weekend. My boyfriend, Erwin, is very thoughtful and romantic- which means Valentine’s Day at our “house” (really, it’s more of a tiny studio than a house) is always an adventure. This year was no exception.

For weeks leading up to February 14th, I desperately tried to guess what he had planned. I had convinced myself that he got us tickets to one of those big boat dinner cruises that go around the lake and you stare at the Chicago skyline. But I was wrong.

At 6:00PM on Valentine’s night we pulled up to Kendall College. Somewhere online he had found a Valentine’s Day couples cooking class. I was surprised and very excited; cooking has become a hobby of mine in the last few months. The class was structured so that a chef taught everyone how to prepare a six course meal, then it was up to the cooking couples to prepare the dishes, and later head up to a fancy dining area to enjoy our hard work.

Ahem, never thought I would post a picture with a chef hat.
Our workstation had pre-measured ingredients.

Needless to say, the meal was amazing and I am completely impressed that the dishes were fancy and easy to make. Over the next week or so I will post one recipe at a time so that you may follow along and recreate the dishes yourself. I promise that they are all simple but look very impressive when served. I also definitely recommend checking out Kendall’s other “Spice Up Your Life” cooking classes – next on my list is learning to frost floral cake decorations!

The dining area where we ate our “hearts” out and met some great people.

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  1. Absolutely Not Martha

    hi! just wanted to mention that I’m posting the ‘ugliest fashion finds’ on absolutely not martha next week and I’d LOVE to feature your find. email it to jackie at vanillaspoons dot com. credit and link to your blog, of course!

  2. Rachel

    Such a sweet gift! You’ve got a great guy.

  3. Blair

    Oh, what an absolutely brilliant idea! So cute.

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