vintage inspired exfoliations

So far my new moving concept (moving with only items that fit my vision for the new space) is going well. I have listed several large items on Craig’s List and I am leaving a fair amount of furniture in the studio for the new occupant. But there are a few items which are up for grabs here on Makeunder as well.

I’ve decided to exfoliate these a bit differently since they are bulkier than normal exfoliations (and will therefore require more money to ship). They also have a fair resale value. See below for their descriptions, dimensions, and price (paid via PayPal).

To claim any or all of the items, please comment on this post. The first comments stating intent to purchase will get the items below.


Description: Decorative gold painted metal keys.

Dimensions: Large: 24″x8″ and Small: 18″x 6″

Price: $25 for both keys (includes shipping). Congrats, Jessica!


Description: Two decorative chicken-wire baskets in distressed olive paint. (Pine cones not included… unless you want them.)

Dimensions: Both baskets: 10″x6″

Price: $15 for both baskets (includes shipping). Congrats, Cortnee!


Description: Two faux gold frames with art prints.

Dimensions: Frames: 8″x6.5″

Price: $8 for the pair (includes shipping). Congrats, Becky!

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  1. Cortnee

    I’d be glad to provide a new home for the wire baskets! 🙂

  2. Jessica

    I would love to take the keys off your hands. 🙂 They will be happily added to my new collection of vintage-inspired keys and art.

  3. Lauren

    I’d be happy to take those books of your hands!

  4. Jess

    @ Becky, Cortnee, and Jessica: Congrats! I just sent you a PayPal invoice!

    @ Lauren: I think you mean the books from the End of the Week Exfoliation. Sorry, PVE claimed those last week. Keep looking, I’ll keep posting things all week.

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