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The big day has finally arrived! Our DESIGN YOUR LOOK challenge has had a resounding response from readers worldwide. There are 113 total entries! I am floored by the talent and looks we received. I personally couldn’t imagine a better closet than one filled with the items submitted in these looks. Simply amazing.

Because of the incredibly warm response, we have upped our prizes!

First Place – $200 cash and two pieces of Jess LC jewelry
Second Place – Two pieces of Jess LC jewelry
Third Place – One piece of Jess LC jewelry


One vote (in the comment section on this post only) per person. Please list the name of the look you would like to vote for (you can vote for your own look if you are in the running). Use the name listed above the look you are voting for and blog title if there is a blog associated with the look you choose. If it is a Facebook entry, you can list it as Facebook next to the person’s name.

Voting ends Friday, April 15th.

Please feel free to share the challenge with friends and family to get as many votes as possible. We will announce the top ten looks and the three prize winners here on Monday, April 18th.

Let the voting begin!



Ali C. – Tattered, Tagged and Treasured


Amy B. – Tastes Like Red


Angela  P. – Facebook


Anna Marie – Facebook


Anna May – Facebook


Ashley L. – Ashley Nicole Catherine

Ashley M. – Facebook


Bethany B. – Facebook


Britta F. – My Queen B Quilts


Candace W. – Infitation

Cass C. – Facebook

Christian G. – Chic Delight

Cortnee M. – Indiana Minute

Diane C. – A Spot of Whimsy

Emily H. – Nudge Nick

Gina M. – Acute Designs

Gretchen S. – Imperfect Indypolitan

Heather M. – Fly Away Pig

Heidi G. – Facebook

Heidi L. – To Be Luminous

Jenna R. – Everyday Clever

Jennifer H. – Facebook

Jenny D. – Bugger Dixon Line

Jenny O. – Facebook

Jill G. G. – Good Life For Less


Julie S. – Observer’s Log

Katie H. – The Social Secretary

Kelli D. – Facebook

Kelly M. – K. Mann Designs

Kim H. – Gathers No Moss

Mary F. – Mary Footloose and Fancy Free

Meghan M. – Tuesday Adventures

Melanie A. – Facebook

Melanie M. – Everyday Chic NY

Melissa M. – Clothed With Scarlet

Natalie M. – Your Best Beautiful

Natalie P. – The Winged Heart

Nicole T. – Nikki Loves Brad

Nikell J. – Woman To Another

Rachel F. – Lovely Clusters

Rachel H. – Facebook

Sarah C. – Comfort and Joy

Sarah P. – Sarah Wears

Stacy K. – Design Something Better

Stephanie M. – The Rest is Still Unwritten

Tori G. – Facebook

Tyesha B. – Diary of a Chic Mommy

Wendy K. – Domestic Sweetheart


Allison S. – SpareChangeLiving


Alania R. – GriffithFamily


Sarah G. –SarahTakesOver


Emily C. – MrsCapretta


Shannon S. – ShannonPaiges


CJ – 30to70


Emily O. – TheElephantsonParade


Allison M. – MooreGeorgeous

Melissa R. – ACertainJeNeSaisQuoi
Brooke W. – WilyWiley
Bella S. – BellesMe
Linley J. – DwellingandTelling
Ali H. – ChiciBella
Megan D. – MadebyMaison
Caitlin A. – OrangeDaliahs
Lauren J. – LoandBehold
Monique E. – SofullSista
Elizabeth – ElizabethsCake
Erin A. – ErinRoseLovingLife
Erica R. – SpencerandErica
Kelley K. – KelleyJoImaging
Danielle F. – WildcatsandWolfpacks
Melissa W. – WriteitinLipstick
Jennie C. – JennieClaire
Rachel R. – LittleBitofRay
Lakin M. – AlwaysLakin
Gaby B. – TheVaultFiles
Jessica S. – J-Everyday
Marie-Eve L. – SweetMarieEve
Sundeep S. – DesignWali
Meggy D. – ChasingDavies
Alison M. – Facebook
Cathy D. –Fiscally Chic
Christine M. – Candid Cam
Chyanne M. – Facebook
Creative Index – Facebook
Danielle F. – Wildcats and Wolfpacks
Hayley E. – Facebook
Heather B. – Inner Cupcake
Heather S. – Facebook
Jessica C. – Blue Heart Love
Jessica M. – Facebook
Kat S. – Facebook
Kayleigh F. – Facebook
Kortni L. – Facebook
Laura B. – Any Day Now
Laura W. – Facebook
Linda W. – Facebook
Marta K. – Facebook
Meg P. – Tiny Glimpses
Nathalie K. – The Wishful Nals
Rebecca D. – Facebook
Roxy B. – A Spot of Tea
Sara B. – Facebook
Sarah V. – Facebook
Shannon B. – Super Sweet Styles
Sophie L. – Facebook
Tamara S. – Facebook
Tequila B. – Facebook
Tiffany E. – Facebook
Valerie W. – Facebook
Rachael B. – Sincerely, Rae
Flora – Flora Fricker

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  1. Gretchen

    I vote for Gretchen S, Imperfect Indypolitan (had to get my one vote in for myself πŸ™‚

  2. bethany

    I have to vote for Kat Simmons’ design – she’s a friend of mine, a talented designer, and I love her simple style that allows Jess’ jewelry to speak for themselves.

  3. Ashley

    Candace W.! Looks like there is one very popular bracelet out there!!

  4. Laura

    I love SO many of these looks and will definitely be using them as inspiration! Of course, I do have to vote for myself, Laura W.-facebook! Thanks again for a fun contest.

  5. Annie

    I’m so impressed with how many entries — and how many great looks! — you received, but my favorite is by Katie H. from The Social Secretary. I absolutely love what she put together! What a fun contest!

  6. KyleMarie

    I vote for Cortnee from Indiana Minute!

  7. Allison

    This was so fun! I’ll give a vote to me…. Allison M. MooreGeorgeous.

  8. Cathy

    Wow! So many great entries! My vote’s for Cathy D. – Fiscally Chic πŸ™‚

  9. Elizabeth

    I love this one – Roxy B. – A Spot of Whimsy

  10. Cassandra

    Cortnee M from Indiana Minute for sure!!

  11. wow! Such an immense collection!

    My short list has 14 people in it!

    But my top three are:

    Candace W
    Katie H
    Stephanie M

    Good luck everyone!

  12. Josh

    I vote for this one ~ Roxy B A Spot of Tea!

  13. Tequila

    I’m voting for Me Tequila b-Facebook

  14. Heather R.

    I vote for Roxy B- A spot of whimsy!

  15. Jess

    I love it! Very Classy Roxy B A Spot Of Tea

  16. Michelle

    Cute Shoes. I like that they match the purse. Roxy B A Spot of Tea

  17. Jeri

    I vote for Emily C (Mrs Capretta) What a perfect spring outfit!!

  18. Leah

    Stephanie M. – The Rest is Still Unwritten

    I could see me wearing this outfit. Pretty and put-together casual!

  19. lolita fey

    Love it, too cute. Roxy B-A spot of Tea.

  20. Katie

    Ashley M. (facebook)…simple, classic, LOVE IT!

  21. Lots of great outfits! If only money grew on trees! Stephanie M – The Rest is Still Unwritten

  22. Devin

    OMG! I vote for Roxy B “A Spot of Tea”. I DIE! If I were a woman I would wear that… and def would get noticed. <3

  23. Ashley S.

    Meggy D. From Chasing Davies! I love her blog and her style!

  24. Clancey

    Diane C. – A Spot of Whimsy


  25. Meghan

    I vote for Meghan M. – Tuesday Adventures!

  26. Gordon Yu

    sophie L. Facebook! Best one of them all!

  27. Martha Sanford

    I vote for Emily O’Neill elephantsonparade!

  28. Phil

    Sophie L. Facebook

    Winning! Winning! Winning! Winning! Winning!

  29. Tammy Driggs

    I love Cortnee M’s Indiana Minute. It make me year for spring!

  30. Becky Jane

    Cortnee M Indiana Minute Rocks! Love it!

  31. Domonique b

    Tequila B-facebook, voting for my sis!

  32. Kelli

    I pick Roxy B @ A Spot of Tea! So classy!

  33. ashley

    have to vote for myself, right? right!

    Ashley L – ashley nicole catherine

  34. Ryan Kercheval

    Kelly Mann designer style has my vote.

  35. Jenny

    Heidi G – Facebook

    They are all outstanding though, it was hard to choose!

  36. Anna

    I like Allison S./ Spare Change Living! Those shoes belong in my closet!

  37. Diana R.


  38. JF

    Laura B from Any Day Now — cute & classy!

  39. Gwenda

    Too Cute we vote For Roxy B a spot of tea

  40. Danielle S

    Stacy K. – Design Something Better!

  41. Margurita

    Im voting for my sister Tequila b-Facebook

  42. Hayley L.

    Emily O

    beautiful, fun, classy, and simple!!!!!!

  43. Darbi

    So glad i finally found the comment bubble! πŸ™‚ I vote for Jessica M-Facebook! Love that style!

  44. xtina

    i vote for Brooke W.

    best outfit everrrrrr!!!

  45. Nick

    I vote for Emily O. from Elephants on Parade!

  46. Jennifer

    My vote goes for Emily O. from theelephantsonparade! So cute and springy!

  47. Brooke

    I vote for Emily O. from the blog elephantsonparade!

  48. Brooke

    I vote for Emily O. on elephantsonparade!

  49. Kate

    I vote for Stephanie M – The Rest is Still Unwritten – love the earrings.

  50. Natedogdeluxe

    Caitlin A. OrangeDaliahs for the win!

  51. Lastdaynew

    OrangeDaliahs is Caitlin A. este mi vote!

  52. finedinning

    Very Fine indeed OrangeDaliahs – Caitlin A. VOTE FACEBOOK

  53. hollywoodplus

    WOW OrangeDaliahs – FACEBOOK VOTE – Caitlin A.

  54. Janet

    voting for my Daughter in law !!! TEQUILA B-FACEBOOK

  55. deluxewear

    OrangeDaliahs get my vote via FACEBOOK

  56. John c

    voting for my shipmate Tequila b-facebook

  57. exitedforth

    Caitlin A. facebook vote OrangeDaliahs

  58. Josh C

    Voting for Ashley L – ashley nicole catherine

  59. californiaeasy

    Caitlin A. – OrangeDaliahs is the vote I place

  60. Mallory Chambers

    Elizabeth from Have Your Cake And Eat It Too!

  61. Lady gaga's monster

    voting For Tequila b =facebook

  62. Madison

    Cute TopShop dress and love the necklace!! Roxy B ~ A Spot of Tea !

  63. lynette

    My favorite is Erin A. – ErinRoseLovingLife. On a side note, I think this would be easier with a smaller selection.

  64. Julie

    Oh yeah, I vote for myself. πŸ™‚ Julie S. – Observer’s Log

  65. Jill

    Jill GG of Good Life for Less

    WOW! There are SO many amazing looks!

  66. Jessica

    Shannon S. Shannonpaiges! Soo fabulous!

  67. Heather

    A vote for myself! Heather S from Facebook!!

  68. jessica

    my vote is for Creative Index – Facebook

  69. Alison

    Voting for Gretchen S Imperfect Indypolitan!

  70. Jessica

    With the white dress and denim jacket MRS C has my vote!

  71. Kathleen Marler

    Vote for: Jessica E. – Splendiferous Inclincations!!!

  72. Liz Roberts

    Julie S. – Observer’s Log – definitely!!!

  73. Sarah

    I’m voting for myself! Sarah P! πŸ™‚

  74. Brooklyn

    Who can resist Jimmy Choo’s? love Roxy B A Spot of Tea ~ cute and simple!

  75. Emma Godfrey

    Linley J – Dwelling and Telling

  76. Marianne

    Danielle F – Wildcats and Wolfpacks

  77. Monika

    Linley J – Dwelling and Telling —-go linley

  78. I know, terrible that I’m voting for myself, but I want a piece of Jess LC Jewelery SO badly!! (specifically the ‘Dream Bigger’ braille necklace)

    Sarah V. – Facebook. πŸ™‚

  79. Myself! I wanna win this prize oh so bad! Voting for my family look. That $200 will be able to buy all of those looks. I’m a bargin shopper kinda girl!

  80. Ellen Bogue

    Emily O.
    the blog Elephantsonparade

  81. Anita

    I vote for Gretchen S. – Imperfect Indypolitan

  82. Brianna

    Without a doubt, Roxy B “A Spot of Tea.” Perfect!

  83. Bryan S

    My vote is for Mrs.C !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Janielle W.

    Nicole T. – Tesch Family Looks for Spring

  85. Sue

    Stephanie M – The Rest is Still Unwritten

  86. Cristina

    Ali C. – Tattered, Tagged and Treasured

  87. Kate

    Ali C. – Tattered, Tagged and Treasured


  88. I guess I didn’t even say who I was voting for.
    Nicole T.
    Tesch Family Looks for Spring.

    Thank you oh so much.

  89. Terry

    Jessica E. – Splendiferous Inclinations

  90. Ed

    My vote goes to Brooke W… Gotta love those shoes!

  91. I vote for Ali C. – Tattered, Tagged and Treasured (I love that everyone else also feels weird and silly voting for themselves but… the jewelry is so pretty!).

  92. Carlos

    I would like to vote for Caitlin A. please.

  93. Cindy

    Good Luck Jennifer H. Hannigan!! πŸ™‚

  94. Kati

    I vote for Melissa at Write it in Lipstick!

  95. Elyssa

    I am voting for Jessica M. -Facebook. I love the prints and colors!

  96. Justin

    Ali C. – Tattered, Tagged and Treasured! Having seen her in person, I know for a fact she will rock that outfit.

  97. Kayla

    My vote goes Nicole T. – Nikki Loves Brad!!

  98. Carla

    My vote is for Stacy K. – Design Something Better. Thanks!

  99. Jenee

    Ali C. – Tattered, Tagged and Treasured

  100. Ally

    My vote is for Jenna from Everyday Clever and her spring fling design!

  101. Camille Brown

    Defintely Allison M.-MooreGeorgeous! Super cute, flirty, and very spring time!

  102. Neil

    Gina – Acute Designs – without a doubt – class, beauty and simplicity.

  103. KatieT

    I love Nicolas T and her designs for the entire family

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