wanting what we have

SurrenderToWhatYouHaveToday I found myself kinda irked by my packed schedule. I have a lot of projects that I want to work on, and not enough time to make a much forward motion on any of them.

But this morning’s passage in Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts was just the thought-changing perspective I needed. Rather than think about how my day as “too busy,” I can choose to see it as something that I want.

Looking at the bigger picture of my week, after today I have two completely open days to work on my projects before heading to Boston and New Hampshire for a quick little vacation with Mr. Lively (his belated birthday present). And that is a pretty nice way to wrap up a short work-week.

Do you have something in your life at the moment which you are resisting, too?

Is there a way that you can look at it as exactly what you want right now?


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  1. Ren

    This is funny, because I have been feeling the exact same way lately, and I have come to the same conclusion. I always love these quotes you share. They always end up being so relevant to my life!

    1. Jess Lively

      Aw, that is so great to hear, Ren! I’m happy you came to a positive outlook on your day as well. : )

  2. Laura Yamin

    i am glad that you picked up Mama Gena’s book. She is a character for sure! BTW just finished the Success Principles – it was a good read ūüôā

    Lately I have been in this space of constant reframing and getting back into my present moment. My head can go on negative nelly mode and complaining over everything. The reality is that when I focus on accepting what is, and embrace it as yet another gift. Life gets easier/better. The circumstances don’t change but how I react (which I can take responsibility) do.

    1. Jess Lively

      That’s so awesome to hear, hun! I noticed the Success Principle #1 in that comment, by the way! : )

  3. Nic - A Spectacular Life

    YES! I have to do some study that needs some deep searching in my soul and I have put up mental blocks around it. BUT today is the day that I WANT to do this and finish my course, for me. Thanks Jess!

  4. leenB

    This is such an important thing to remember! I was having a similar “appreciate the moment” moment and had to remind myself that where I’m at right now isn’t a throw-away. Rather than always looking ahead at what’s next, I need to be better about living in the now. Even if that means there are a few surprises! Thanks for being such an uplifting moment in the day!


  5. Jessica

    I am resisting everything I want. I’m doing things I want but I’m too lazy to do them and everything piles up and I just resist it and get stressed out. I have what I want but I just don’t appreciate it or acknowledge it. Maybe if I did and focused on it then I wouldn’t be looking for the next big thing or the future to be happy. When I can be happy now as well.

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