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Today I am traveling back to Chicago from Cabo. And while I do so, I’d like to take a moment and dedicate my intention this week to thinking bigger.

I had a great talk last week with Claudia which really got my mind churning. And while a week ago I was feeling kinda lost, I now feel much more excited to take on some of the challenges I laid out in my new vision.

How about you, what’s your intention for the week?


PS- The adorable Westie above is my family’s dog, Mackenzie. I one day not too far from now would love to have my very own named Elsie.

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  1. Patricia

    Oh how I love Westies! This post just made my day. My Westie is outside barking at squirrels in the backyard. My intention for the week is to really think about what I want with my career and make steps to make it happen.

  2. My intention for the week is to make serious plans for my own business- to start writing the business plan and get it down on paper.

    Cute dog!

  3. Jess

    Ah, Westies! So cute. They’re also nonshedding, right? I recall there was something about them that made them attractive to allergic would-be owners!

    My intention for this week is to think creatively. I’ve been working hard on my blog to post things that interest me, and I love sharing my finds with others. I’d like to work on some longer term creative projects to keep the momentum high!

  4. Lisa

    My intention this week is to take some time to plan for the future, lately I’ve been focusing in what needs to be done right now. Adorable puppy!!

  5. Dani

    Oh— my— gosh. I love your Makenzie. My Westie baby is Lady, and my family’s Westie is Jodie. We’ve had Westies our whole lives & they’re our favorites! Just had to comment & agree with the above commenter… seeing a Westie always makes my day!

  6. My intention this week is to love on my mother and a dear friend of mine. I moved back home last August, and the friction is skyrocketing. I tend to yell out of frustration and sometimes I’m not even aware my voice volume is climbing. Love is an action verb, and I want to show it even when I am angry at her or frustrated.

    My friend is just in need of some unconditional love, and I pray I can give it.

  7. Cara

    My intension for the week is a full recovery from this dang cold and to map out my blog posts for the month!

  8. Emily

    My intention this weeks to take risks that I would normally shy away from. This is inspired by the 100 no’s 🙂

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