we eloped to paris

Yep, you read that right.

Mr. Lively and I are on our way to Paris to get married! 

I know many have wondered whether Mr. Lively’s name was a pseudonym or his actual last name. It’s his real last name.

Which means my name is now going to be Jess. Jess Lively.

I like my new name so much that I’m evolving past MakeunderMyLife and evolving the site into JessLively.com. I hope you like the new look we added too. But more on that when I get back from Paris.

While I’m away (August 10th through 19th) I have wedding posts all lined up to explain why we eloped, how we designed our wedding/elopement with intention, and the “important stuff” like what I’m wearing.

So stay tuned, there will be plenty of pretty and wedding intention to come next week.

Thanks so much you guys, this has been the most delicious surprise to share with you. I’ve been waiting all summer to fill you in!


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  1. Marguerite

    This is so wonderful! Congratulations, enjoy, and I can’t wait to read more! <3

  2. hope

    congrats jess! :] and i love the new look of the website! jess lively, how appropriate a name for you!

  3. Eva Mijes

    Wow! This is a great surprise! I can’t wait to read what you have in store!

  4. Love the last name! As much as we loved our big fat family wedding, I am still über excited to hear about your elopement (Paris!) and what made you guys think it was right for you 🙂

  5. Linnea

    YAYYYY!!! Congratulations Jess :o) How cool is it that Mr. Lively’s last name really is Lively, and now it’s yours too! The name suits you perfectly & eloping is definitely the way to go. Wooohoo! I can’t wait to hear more about the details and your time in Paris. Enjoy every second and eat lots of macarons for us! xo

  6. Eleanor

    Oh wow! Such a surprise and I’m so, so happy for both of you! I love the idea of an elopement, and it just seems perfect for you, Jess. I can’t wait to read all about it, but in the meantime- enjoy Paris! xo

  7. Oh I’m so excited for you! The site redesign is BEAUTIFUL and I can’t wait to hear all the wedding details =) Congratulations, Jess!!

  8. Jill

    WHOA lady! A huge congrats to you… my husband and I spent our honeymoon in Paris! It’s going to be amazing and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  9. Rita

    oh my gosh! I am so thrilled for you and cannot wait to hear the whole story! congratulations- getting married is the most magical experience… just remember to breathe!:)

    love the new site as well! best wishes to you both!

  10. Nicole

    Congratulations! And you will have such a fun name! My in-laws eloped back in the day, and they are still happily married. I wish you both a long and happy marriage!

  11. Amanda

    Yay! So excited for you! Congratulations! I can’t wait to read the upcoming posts.

    And I love the new look!

  12. Cerrissa

    Oh my gosh! That is so exciting!!! Congrats!

  13. Jenn

    Oh girl- as someone who had the “big” wedding in her early 20’s, you are SO SMART! Enjoy every minute. I’m hoping to see some twitter pictures to tide us over until you get back! 😉

  14. Susan

    Jess Congratulations!!!! That is super exciting and I hope you guys savor every minute of it!

  15. Laina

    Jess!! Congratulations 🙂 That is so exciting and so romantic! I love the idea of eloping and Paris is such a perfect place to do it. Enjoy your trip, I am sure you guys will have an amazing time.

    Also, the new site design is beautiful!

  16. heidiG

    Congratulations! Paris sounds so romantic. You will never regret that decision to elope…I know because I never have (though I didn’t get married in Paris).

  17. Lilly

    Congratulations!! Very exciting news!!! I can only imagine how wonderful this trip will be!!

  18. Lori

    Wow, what a surprise! Congratulations 🙂 Love the new site design too BTW.

  19. Laura

    So exciting! Congratulations and best wishes! Can’t wait to read more about your adventure!

  20. michelle

    oh jess, congrats! i have goosebumps from reading about your romantic plans! have a lovely time, you two!


  21. Kate

    AHHHHH! I am SO excited for you Jess! Your site looks wonderful, can’t wait to hear more about everything when you get back! Congratulations!!!

  22. Elena

    Congrats! How very, very exciting! I just got back from a (non-romantic) trip there, and I know you’ll both love it. Wishing you a wonderful wedding and marriage 🙂

  23. So excited for you Jess and it seems so fitting for you. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Lively. Love the site. It looks great.

  24. Allison

    Congrats!!!!!!!! I got engaged on Christmas last year and as much as I’d love a pretty simple outside wedding (i design wedding invites so I kinda like weddings..), getting eloped sounds better and better and better!!!

  25. Susan

    WHAT!!! I saw this on facebook and I rushed over to the site to make sure it was for real. How romantic and awesome! I love it! We had a really small wedding and it was the best thing! Congratulations, I can’t wait to read all about it. Enjoy Paris, it’s so wonderful!

  26. Many best wishes to you and congratulations to your husband! How very exciting to elope to Paris! I can’t wait to read about some your wedding details, which I’m sure are very lovely. And the site looks great as well! :]

  27. jessica

    WOW! Congratulations! Can’t wait to see details – I am sure it will be beautiful!

  28. Ann Marie

    Congrats! What a very happy surprise!! Have an amazing wedding and time in Paris!! 🙂

  29. That’s fantastic!!!! I had a feeling you guys might do something fun and exciting like this for your wedding! Enjoy it!

  30. Fantastic!! Romantic and just for you two!! Many congratulations and I can’t wait to read more (…including but of course not only what you will be wearing).

  31. Jessica

    This is so sweet and romantic — congrats to you, Mrs. Lively! Can’t wait to read all about it!

  32. Susan

    I literally GASPED when this popped up on my reader! I hope you guys have a wonderful time in Paris. Congratulations!

  33. Liz Hernandez Nunez

    Congratulations!!! So happy for you! I do have to admit that I LOVE the last name Constable…it sounds so strong, regal and confident…But Lively will do too;)

  34. Melissa

    Ahhh! Congrats, that’s so exciting! Love that you’re doing what’s right for YOU. And I love the new site! Can’t wait to hear more.

  35. Alexis

    Congrats! That is so exciting and perfect. Just perfect.

  36. Oh how sweet and amazing! Congratulations lady, I can’t wait to see what you share of your trip.

    Your blog has meant a lot to me over the years, as well as your business acumen, determination and dedication to self-improvement. Keep up the fabulous, life changing work, we love it and need it now more than ever!
    <3 Meghan

    The Flight of Fancy

  37. Oh my goodness! I’m so happy for you Jess! I can’t wait to hear all about it and see some gorgeous pictures of Paris (I’ve never been!) Enjoy every moment!

  38. Kiki

    Oh my gosh– congratulations to you!!! I know I’m not a frequent commenter but I’m definitely a frequent reader and have followed along with your journey. I couldn’t be more happy for you! The Lively name couldn’t be more fitting!

  39. Whitney

    omg, John and I are leaving today for Paris for our first anniversary! I’ll keep an eye out for you, lol


  40. Morgan

    AHHHHHHHHHH!!! Most genius idea yet. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Oh my gosh congratulations!! What an amazing place to get married. Paris is such a dream! I hope you have an incredibly amazing time!

  42. Nicole

    I don’t even know you but this just made my heart beat faster. Amazing! To a lifetime of happiness!!!!!!!

  43. Jules

    Congratulations!!! You had a wonderful last name before, but this one seems to fit you even better. You live life so full of intention that even your names align. 😉 I love that.

  44. Allyson

    AHH! CONGRATS!!! This sounds incredibly romantic and a wonderful way to join your lives. And I love the new site look!

  45. AdeOla

    I almost fell off the metro train I was on. AWWWWW…Congratulations! I am so excited for you. Here is to a wonderful marraige! Jess Lively! I like the sound of that!

  46. CB

    Yay!!! Congratulations, Livelys! Bon voyage, and have a wonderful wedding and trip! 😀

  47. Congratulations! This will be a magical experience – Paris is absolutely perfect. Can’t wait to hear all about your adventure 🙂 xx

  48. Ana

    Congratulations! What a dream! I cannot wait to see the photos.

  49. Lori C

    How exciting. How adventurous. How absolutely Lively! Congratulations to both of you, your families and your new website…intentionally fabulous!

  50. Lori

    Congratulations! Oh, and I love your new name and the new site! It’s perfect!

  51. Kristal

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to see some pictures 🙂 I wish you two the best life together.

  52. Monique

    Congratulation! Wish you many blessed years of joy and happiness together.

  53. Katie

    Oh, how WONDERFUL! I hope it is everything you’ve dream of – and how can it not!? It is PARIS! 🙂 Can’t wait to read all about it!

  54. Yasmine

    This exciting turn of events (such a SURPRISE!) made me smile so much this morning when I saw your post, Jess. Congratulations on the elopement, on becoming Mrs. Lively (what a wonderful name!), and on your new URL and site design. I love it all, and am so happy for you, even though I’ve known you for only a little bit of time via your writing here and your email list. May your new journeys be full of beauty and blessings, and may you and Mr. Lively always be a source of joy for one another! =)

  55. Juju

    Congratulations!!! Paris is the place to be with your life partner!!!

  56. Kelly

    AHHHHHHH congratulations to you both!!!! How wonderful : ) and Jess Lively sounds awesome!

  57. Serena

    WOW! Congratulations! A wedding in Paris couldn’t be more perfect. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness together. xxx

  58. Stephanie

    Wow, totally unexpected and totally perfect! I wish you and Mr. lively all the best on this next chapter in your life.

  59. Eleanor

    Jess! Congratulations to you both! My jaw dropped when I saw this on FB. I’m so excited to see what you have to share about your elopement. 🙂

  60. Nancy

    Oh my gosh that is so exciting! Congratulations! I hope you have a wonderful time in Paris! I cant wait to read all about it when you return – I am going to Paris this fall and would love to hear any advise or suggestions! I also love the new layout!
    Again, Congratulations!!!

  61. Kate

    So exciting Jess! Congratulations and can’t wait to hear all the details!! 🙂 xx

  62. Congratulations! Looking forward to reading all about it. Have fun!
    PS. Love the new name and new look of the blog!

  63. Elise

    I just love everything about this!

    A Paris wedding?!?!?!?!


    Wishing you the most romance possible!x

  64. Ann

    Congratulations! Wishing you much happiness.

  65. Alyssa

    Oh my GOD this is huge! Congrats to you and Scott, you both deserve a lifetime of happiness together.

  66. Shalina

    Aren’t you full of surprises, Congrats and best wishes! Can’t wait to see the photos.

  67. Hi Jess! You already know how happy/excited I am for you, but I wanted to leave a (belated) comment offering my congratulations. I cannot wait to get together when you get back.

    Congrats, Mrs. Lively! xo

  68. Lauren

    CONGRATULATIONS! How romantic! It’s my dream to elope someday. And what a perfect city to be in. I hope you post pictures upon your return. As a Mrs!

  69. Congratulations Jess! Wishing you many happy years together!!
    Share a wedding pic or two! 🙂

  70. Megan

    Oh my goodness… Congratulations!! 🙂

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