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I don’t know about you, but this week has been looong. For me, Mexico was immediately replaced with ups and downs and some not so nice mood swings (thanks, PMS).

But today is Friday.


And I’d like to do a bit of positive reflection. I’m choosing to celebrate my progress on my intention for this week: thinking bigger about my career. I did a pretty good job with that intention this week, I wasn’t perfect, but I did keep going and got further than I was last week.

Sometimes sowing seeds for something big in our life takes a long time before we see the sprouts, let alone the harvest. 

So this weekend I want to kick back, relax, and soak in the fact that there are exciting new horizons ahead. When I go to the weekly happy hour with Mr. Lively and his co-workers tonight, I’m seeing it as a celebration of my progress. I gotta enjoy this journey, even when it’s not visible to others that I’ve moved ahead.

How about you? What intention have you made progress in that deserves a little celebration, nap, malbec, or homemade brunch?

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  1. Kate

    This weekend I’m celebrating getting a RAISE! And I’m doing it in Chicago, watching an awful lot of inspiring improv, and being really cold (which is nice compared to AZ).

    As I go into next week, I’m trying to figure out my goals for the next year at work and how I can grow…this is so much harder to figure out than I thought it would be!

  2. Lisa

    I’m celebrating growing and moving forward. Big things ahead!

  3. Jess, I love this – just what I needed to hear. Plugging away can wear you down sometimes! I am celebrating the bit of progress I’ve made lately, it may not be as much as I want it to be, but I will celebrate it nonetheless. Hopefully this will involve a bit of shopping this weekend.

  4. Cathy

    I’m celebrating our mortgage refinance! And making it through the week 🙂

  5. Sarah

    Amen, sister! I’m celebrating the baby steps of progress I’ve made in my job, my consulting/freelance biz and my blog. I love a good celebration . . . and so I love that picture at the top of this post! Would just love to see something like that for a screen background 🙂

  6. Before I read your post, I was just celebrating that I did not get unnecessarily overwhelmed with my daily to-do list this week. On Tuesday, I decided to pick 5 things I wanted to get done each day. If I do not get through all the rest of the stuff on my list…I would survive. Best Decision Ever, and one I hope to keep doing.

    I was also nicer to my mom and friend like i intended to this week. progress!

  7. What a fantastic idea! I am celebrating a bunch of lovely projects and work opportunities that have come through today. How? Well, since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I’m going to make my boyfriend brekky in bed (pancakes) and treat myself to some too.
    Hope you had a lovely relaxing weekend to recover from your week! x

  8. Jess

    Kate congratulations! Also, I have a friend who is in improv here in Chicago, so if you ever want any show suggestions, let me know!

    Lisa, awesome!

    Jadyn, I have been there too, just keep going!

    Cathy, sweet!

    Sarah, thanks for the suggestion!

    AdeOla, fantastic!!!

    Kimberley, I love how you are celebrating!

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