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WhatDoILoveAboutThisMomentLately I’ve been feeling just a little bit “stuck.”

You see, I’ve been making huge progress in my life by simply shifting my success paradigm and success metrics from achievement to service. I’ve had a huge increase in blissed out moments of peace and joy this year.

Perhaps more than any other time in my life.

But with my new familiarity with what it feels like to be in that amazing state very frequently, I’m finding myself irritable and frustrated when I’m not “feeling the love.”

I’m getting less comfortable with not feeling awesome.

And because I know that this feeling is achieved from within, it really has everything to do with my own motivation in the present moment and nothing to do with external conditions, I’m the only one who can “fix” this problem.

So I get really annoyed when I can’t seem to make that “switch” in motivation instantly. It’s a muscle I’m developing, but not nearly as quickly as the recovering perfectionist in me would like.

My impatience, in and of itself, is something that I need to show love to. At this moment I’m not able to intentionally change my moods and emotions as much as I’d like. I’m a work in progress.

Realistically, I will be “a work in progress” the rest of my life.

(My ego chokes on that truth-nugget. But it’s true.)

More than anything, I feel like this internal frustration eventually plays itself out in different areas of my life. I start an argument with Mr. Lively. I get weird about a business situation. I get kinda caught in a funk that’s hard to pull myself out of.

But recently Mastin asked: What do I love about this moment?  

Reading that question stopped me in my funk-filled tracks.

It encouraged me to pause and ask myself – despite my bliss-lacking state of mind – what I love about this moment?


I love that I am getting a massage today.

I love that I’m not overwhelmed with things to prepare before the trip tomorrow.

I love that Franklin has been really well behaved today.

I love that Mr. Lively and I are going on a date night tonight.

I love that I am going to get to see my best friend after the Boston workshop in NYC.

I love that Jen has been doing such a great job.

I love that I was able to help people today in the Book Club.

I love that I’m making progress in my service paradigm shift.


Phew. There are plenty of things that I love about this moment – even though I haven’t been “feeling it.”

What do you love about this moment?

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  1. Emily Harden

    I love that I just ran 3.1 miles for the first time without stopping. I love that I’m going to a hockey game tonight with good friends. I love that I have a job that puts food on my table, even if I dread going to it each day. I love that I have been blessed with a healthy, strong body.

    Thanks for this post, Jess, really helps to put things in perspective.

  2. Lemon Drop Love

    I love that I have a healthy family. I love that I have With Intention emails to look forward to this afternoon. I love that I finished a presentation at work successfully with minor changes. I love that I am going to move my body this evening and in turn care for my body and mind. I love that I have my boyfriend Brian to go home to tonight 🙂

  3. Merissa

    This is one of your best posts Jess. You should make it with a higher res to be used as a desktop background.

    1. Jess Lively

      Nice suggestion, I’ll consider it! : )

  4. Alex Landar

    I think maybe do a daily self questioning, of “what do I love about today?” I think I am going to try that out.

  5. Erika

    I love this–and so funny because sometimes when I find myself in a funk–I make a list of all the things I am thankful for…Sometimes that list has included coffee and chocolate…..haha..and not much else. It did however, help me switch my perspective from what I didn’t have to what I do have and helped me to be thankful. Also, in being a recovering perfectionist as well–I find that I struggle with feeling average….all the while being thankful that I don’t have to be perfect. It is such a weird weird phenom–but true!

    Thank you for posting and sharing your insights…I totally “get it”.

  6. ooh i love this. i love that i just had a massive bowl of pasta and chicken for lunch and enjoyed every single bite of it ^_^

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