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During the past month when I took some time off from writing on MML, I reflected on my life, MML, my purpose, and the feistiness that so many people enjoyed. And I now have some great new ideas to inject in MML this fall. One of which is a new color story and different blog navigation which should be up in the next few days. I’d like to make it easier for people who are new to MML to find all of the really juicy stuff in the archive without having to read each and every post. I’m also excited to announce that I’m bringing back the popular DESIGN YOUR LIFE interview series in the weeks to come as well. And the End of the Week Exfoliation might even be manned by Melissa, the new Jess LC assistant.

In addition, I have found clarity in terms of what MML is here to provide. There are obviously lots of “experts” out there teaching people how to grow their business, use social media, decorate their homes, improve their relationships, and be better people in general. Their advice (most of the time) is helpful and can definitely spark positive change. But I am not one of those experts. I am just a girl in Chicago writing about designing my own life with intention and helping others realize the same things are possible in their own lives. I’m not here to tell you how to make intentions for your life, I’m here to help you think about why you should have intentions for your life. I’m not here to tell you how to grow a business, I’m here to help you figure out why you should grow a business.

My goal is to provide a place to reflect on what we want for our lives and then share examples of how myself or others are doing this right now, in real life. It won’t always give you a Mapquest print out with step by step directions for your own life, but it will help you find your own internal compass. You can then survey your life map and chart a path that works for you and your values. Once you know where you want to go, you can find someone who knows how to get you there. MML is ground zero, it’s the place to draft the blueprint of our lives so that we can then go out and pour a solid foundation filled with things that really matter.

Like Stephen Covey says, we don’t want to spend our lives thrashing through the jungle “making progress” only to find that we have been thrashing around in the wrong jungle. We need to think about what we want our lives to include, what we want to contribute, and then go about making that possible. I’m here to help that conversation get started.

And the ironic part about this all is that as a freshman in high school, during my first philosophy class, I realized my favorite thing to do in life would be to sit in a coffee shop in Europe and debate with sages both young and old about what makes our lives meaningful. And now, over a decade later, I hope that MML is that coffee shop in Europe, where we can talk about designing our lives with intention.

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  1. Jess,
    I’m so glad your blog is dedicated to why we do things. It seems like every blog out there right now tells people how to make life better, how to make their business better, how to make a bigger blog, etc. No one ever talks about WHY people want to do those things though!

    Like you said, it’s silly to make progress just for the sake of making progress. Without a reason, it’s meaningless. Plus, without having proper motivation, it’s really hard to stay dedicated to what you’re doing.

    Thanks for a fantastic post and writing this really fantastic blog. 🙂

  2. Kate

    I feel like your blog is so inspiring…you know those IBM commercials that say


    That’s what I feel like you say, except from somebody who’s actually living it instead of a big giant company who wants you to spend lots of money on their expensive products. I did finally start blogging….and I finally know it’s right for me because I’ve got 12 other posts already drafted.

    THANK YOU for lighting the fire for me and so many other people!!

  3. cailen

    i love your (refocused) mission for your blog. i am totally on board with the concept of designing your life. as a “lifestyle maven”, i’m always thinking about ways to enrich my life, find purpose and enjoy the ride as much as possible. i, too, have no expert training, but i think living and learning are the best possible teachers.

    i recently released my first book, well-designed living, and i thought you might be interested in checking it out. you can link to my book via my blog (http://cailenascher.blogspot.com/p/my-book.html), if you care to check it out.

    much success and i look forward to reading more : )

  4. rachel

    Love this, so inspiring. I’m glad you were able to have a think about the direction you want to take MML in, you have such a wonderful mission here! 🙂 xx

  5. This is awesome:
    I realized my favorite thing to do in life would be to sit in a coffee shop in Europe and debate with sages both young and old about what makes our lives meaningful.

    I want to hang out at this coffee shop often.

  6. I can’t wait to see what you have in store! I bought the 7 Habits book/workbook and I’m getting ready to dig into it based on your raves. I am sure I won’t be disappointed. I definitely think the MML is the coffee shop that you want it to be (and I love that comparison).

  7. arathi.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts; this is one of my all time favourite blogs.

    Much love! xoxo

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