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Tomorrow on What I’m Learning Wednesday, I’m going to share what I’ve learned about live blog and business conferences and events. After my trip to Nashville last week to speak at AH Inspired and my experience at Alt Summit SLC this January, I’ve learned some important lessons that I plan to use in my business going forward.


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  1. Lea

    Jess, I really liked this week’s email topic. It’s part of the reason my partner and I started our business, Think Brite Be Brite. We all know many things we can do to be happier but we find excuses not to spend time on ourselves. However, like you discovered, being a better you is the best way to be a better contributor to your family, your business and the world!

    Thank you for sharing.


  2. Erin

    Hi Jess, I enjoyed reading this week’s email as well, mostly because I’ve always wanted to attend these types of events and end up jealously reading the twitter streams and blog recaps from home instead. The reason I have never gone is financial — I just can’t seem to justify the expense of both the conference ticket and travelling to the event. I’ve basically told myself that I can’t afford to go unless it’s in my city or I’m invited and paid. I realize this is a very personal question, but do you have any advice on how you make 4 or 5 events a year financial possible?

    1. Well, so far I have been asked to speak. But I now realize if I want to make my business grow and succeed, it is the fertilizer that makes that happen. I am also running a profitable business and I see this as a wise financial investment. So I won’t always be going to speak (and even then I often still need to pay for travel/hotel), I know it’s worth it to me. I would have paid to go to either of those events.

      So I would suggest picking your favorite, save for it, and see how you feel about events going forward. There is so much holding us back when we are sitting at home thinking about these kinds of things. Testing it out and finding out if it’s worth it is so valuable! : )

      I hope this helps.

      1. (And another bonus: they are expenses on the business, so that helps – at least a little!)

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