what i’m learning about time management when i have five major projects happening at once

WhatI'mLearningTimeManagement5ProjectsTomorrow on What I’m Learning Wednesday, I’m going to share what I’ve been learning this week about time management. With five major projects happening at once, there are lots of balls in the air and to-do lists on the desk. I have even been working with a project manager to help keep all these deadlines and tasks straight and on course.

Through it all, I’ve been slowly figuring out a system that is allowing me to get things accomplished on time. Plus, I discovered a concept this morning that I’m excited to implement more in the weeks to come to create even more effectiveness.

Oh, and one last thing: Wondering about the photo selection this week? The picture of Franklin above is what I feel like some days after work. I’m hoping that by implementing the tips I’m going to be talking about tomorrow, I’ll end up looking more like Franklin below, at the end of the workday.



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  1. Capella Kincheloe

    Can’t wait for this one Jess! This is exactly what I need right now. xo

  2. Stephie Daniel

    Time is less and the to-do list is more. This is the general thought of all of us. But practically if we visualize then 24 hours is the time what is there with each one of us. Its the way we manage the same. Some of us manages that well and some in an improper way which ultimately leads us to curse the time factor and ultimately we say that no time.

    In our day to day life we depends on various tools to keep things organized and streamlined. And the lead role played over here which carries utmost importance is the time management.

    In a general perspective if we focus onto our life then we depends on various tools to get the things done up, then why not with the time management. Yes, if we deploy time tracking software for our daily tasks then we are there to win the race.

    What say?

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