what i’m learning about upping the ante

WhatI'mLearningAboutUppingTheAnteTomorrow on What I’m Learning Wednesday, I am going to share what I’ve been doing to up the ante in my business. I am taking things to the next level and in order to do so, certain habits are shifting, evolving, and forming.

And for the first time ever, I’m going to be sharing this lesson in video! From the awesome feedback I have been getting about the videos here on the blog, I’m excited to bring this week’s WILW to the big screen You Tube.

As for that man in the photo? That is none other than Mastin Kipp, of The Daily Love. I’ve written about him several times over the past year, and I had the honor of meeting him on Sunday night. He’s a great role model for me when it comes to this topic, and he’s inspiring me in many of the habits that I’ll be covering tomorrow.


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  1. Maureen

    I love Mastin! First stumbled on him when The Daily Love was much smaller haha.

    How did you meet him!?

    1. Jess Lively

      I met him at a Chicago Daily Love Live event he held on Sunday. It was so cool to meet him in person.

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