what i’m learning: how to be calm during crazy workdays


Tomorrow on What I’m Learning Wednesday, I’m going to share what I’ve worked on this week: how to stay calm during crazy workdays.

As I’ve been bouncing around from task to task this week, I’ve found three things that help me stay sane and focused.


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  1. Kimberly Anne

    Looking forward to this one! I feel like I have been doing everything but getting nothing done lately. Especially when it comes to blogging too…it’s getting harder and harder to manage my full time career and the website. I really feel like it comes down to me not managing my time though.

    1. For that, I would suggest reading (or re-reading) the third habit of The Seven Habits. : )

  2. Ashlee Thurlow

    Tears of JOY! So need this! Too many balls in the air this week! 😉 (Even more than usual and that’s saying something!)

    1. I hope it helps! Nothing beats taking on less at one time, but these three things are helping me…

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