what would you buy from oprah’s auction?

WhatWouldYouBuyFromOprahsAuctionYears ago, I remember watching an Oprah Show episode where a woman bought a pair of Oprah’s shoes at auction so that she could “stand in her shoes” whenever she wanted. It was a touching story that has stuck with me for a long time.

Now, we all have the chance to do something similar. On November 2nd, Oprah is having a mega auction of pieces from several of her homes.

Though the collection of pieces will go for mega bucks, it’s kinda fun to browse the eclectic group of items. Artwork, antiques, portraits, and even the occasional scooter grace the 16 pages of luxe items.

Bob Green, Oprah’s famous trainer, also has a varied mix of items including a jungle gym, an antique Chinese wedding bed, and fossils.

The items above are the ones that I would purchase if I was a millionaire. The chairs would definitely be getting a new look, of course. Perhaps new stain and some coral fabric. And who wouldn’t want a pink Oprah scooter?

So now, I have to ask, what would you buy from Ms. Winfrey’s auction?


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