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Good morning! A few weeks ago I asked for any questions you might have and I thought I’d answer a few of them here on MML. Take a look.

How to build a home from scratch with intention

You’ve taken pictures of your apartment and chronicled your move from one home to another. I will be moving too in a few months, and I was wondering if you have any advice for the process and how to build a home from scratch (with an intention!), and with almost no budget. I just don’t know where/how to start!
– Dee

What an exciting time for you! When I was moving last August, I had a great realization about the move and what I actually needed to take with me. I suggest checking out this post about vision and environment and this (somewhat controversial) post about emotional clutter. Doing what I speak about in these posts has helped me avoid bringing unneeded stuff with me to my new home.

How to pursue a passion

I am thinking about how I have so much more to give this world, specifically in improving child health – I have passion, creativity, smarts, and drive. I just don’t know how to realize these qualities.

First, I’d like to commend you for having a desire and passion for helping improve child health care! That is such an admirable and valuable vocation. My suggestion is to research others who are doing something similar to what you’d like to do, or simply find people who are in the field of child health care. I’d reach out to the two or three people who embody most closely what you think you’d like to do. Calling or emailing those people asking for an informational interview is the easiest way to learn quickly what opportunities there might be and whether their expertise is helpful.

Then I’d consider volunteering or advocating on behalf of child health care in some capacity. Volunteering can be a great way to get a foot in the door. But above all, take consistent baby steps towards making that your reality. Best of luck!

Job vs. passion / Finding a great accountant

I’m currently in a situation where my current job may be non-existent in a month, and I’m wondering if it would be wise to just stay in the same field (which I’m only somewhat happy in) or try to pursue something that I really enjoy, yet have no real-world experience in (including the possibility of having to go to school). It’s good that I’m in a transition period, but not so good that I’m really not sure what to do about it. Oh, and I am the breadwinner right now, as my husband is currently starting his own business. Any advice?

Also, one from my hubby…being an owner of a small business yourself, how do you find a good accountant that knows the small business stuff, but also won’t make you poor with consulting fees and such?


Hi Nicole, it sounds like you are going through a very uncertain, but high personal growth time right now! In regards to staying in your field or branching out into a new industry, I don’t feel qualified to tell you which way to go. There are a million ways to proceed from this point forward, and everyone has a different path to blaze which works for them. But, I do believe that if you take time to think and listen to your heart, deep down, you will eventually find an answer. And also don’t be afraid to do something non-passion related if you steadily make efforts to grow into that true purpose at the same time. The key is to start hustling to make your life align with your vision as circumstances allow.

As for finding a great accountant for your husband, I would recommend asking a fellow self-employed person in your area for a referral. This way you can find out from a trusted source whether the accountant is inexpensive and worth their salt. I found my own accountant this way, and it has worked out very well.

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