TLS #154: A Lively Adventure – When What You Have is Taken Away


Today’s Lively Adventure is about the empowering truth behind what happens when what you have in your life, like a job, home, relationship, or wallet is taken away from you – willingly or unwillingly.

I’m sharing the mindset shift that helped me make the decision to peacefully give up what I spent 10 years carefully creating in the span of just a few days, as well as coming to terms with a few other things that have been removed from my life without consent.

This episode is perfect for anyone who has either had something they love taken away from them, or for anyone who is contemplating a change that will require them to release something they love from their lives.









  • Why I took a day off from traveling and just stayed in to be able to reflect inward and take a break from all the sensory overload while traveling.

  • I tell you the story of when my wallet was stolen and how it applies to my current circumstances and my abilities to continue to live life on my terms.

  • How selling my house and belongings does not give away the ability to have a home and things in the future.

  • Why investing in our skills and abilities means we can take bolder, intuitive-led action and face the uncertainties of life.

  • How the things we give up in our lives, either willingly or unwillingly, are just part of the journey. 



Villa Valentina – Cinque Terre

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  1. This episode is probably my favorite so far. It just resonated like crazy with me. The amount of peace that this type of thinking provides is incredible and makes life much less scary and intimidating. Thank you for sharing it <3

  2. ijulee

    First of all, Love love love your bikini top! You look amazing~ Also this particular episode made me feel less freaked out about leaving NYC to start a new adventure in northern California. Thank you so much, Jess! Sincerely, Julee

  3. Stacy

    I agree that I love the regular interviews….however, I think she’s mentioned that she isn’t reading comments during her trip so she likely won’t see this til later, and also, that doing the interviews while she is traveling isn’t really a practical possibility which is why she stopped. The nature of the internet and running an on-line business like hers does mean she needs to post things regularly in order to stay relevant, so these little mini snippets do the trick, and can be entertaining in a different way. I haven’t heard all of the previously recorded episodes, so I’m going back in the archives and enjoying those, while the interviews are on hiatus. 🙂

  4. Le Genou de Claire

    Just the thing I need to hear today. Thank you for sharing!! Looking forward to the Scotland meditation retreat podcast.

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