why i’m making changes to the blog

WhyImMakingChangesToTheBlogWhen I started this journey to help people design lives with intention seven years ago, I never imagined that my path would lead to many of the projects that have developed.

A plan to write a book about “making under your life” after graduating college inspired me to grow my accessory line, Jess LC, full-time in Chicago so that I could be self-directed and write whenever I wanted.

In 2009, two years after growing Jess LC in Chicago, I started this blog with the name “Makeunder My Life” in order to craft the book proposal.

Three days into writing on the blog, I realized that I didn’t need to have a book or TV show to help people. I could help people everyday right from my tiny desk in my tiny studio apartment. 

I threw myself into marketing Jess LC online and blogged about the topics I so desperately wanted to share.

After devoting two years to the blog, I started to get inquiries from readers asking for business advice. Those requests sparked my business consulting services.

By August of 2012, I was earning enough from the business consulting, blog ad revenue, and workshops, that I was able to close Jess LC and still provide the same income for our family.

Once again, I was approached by readers – only this time they were asking for help in their lives. So I launched my life consulting and workshop offerings.

This year, I helped many people one-on-one uncover their potential, purpose, and intention. I helped a man in Brooklyn determine his next career path as his family grows. I helped a lovely Australian woman uncover her desired career and approach her job search in an intentional way that led to the position she really wanted. I helped a mother in Washington address her complicated relationship with food and body image in a way that led to peace and a profound understanding of why she really struggles with weight.

But along this journey, I haven’t shared these stories. Though living with intention is the biggest value I have to share, I have not given it the same attention that I have to the business projects and endeavors (outside of the workshops and blog content).

This is going to change.

I am honored to have helped hundreds of business owners through the one-on-one sessions, live workshops, meet-ups, the ebook, and now the Workshop At Home. But it is time to explore the life side of intention in a deeper way.

To do this, I am adding more life with intention projects and exfoliating a few other projects. As I have learned all too well over the years, I cannot continue to roll out new endeavors without pruning back on other projects.

Here is a run down of what will be changing:


Things I’m Adding

A New Category Feature

newhomepageWith the help of Blair and Mr. Lively, I have added a new navigation feature at the top of the site.

This category bar will help new readers understand exactly what kind of content to expect on the blog. It will also help those searching for posts on a particular topic to quickly locate the items they want to read.

A New Podcast

Over the next month, I am working on a new podcast that will allow me to expand the concept of living with intention in a whole new way. I will be sharing conversations with people who are designing their lives with intention, as well as other fun topics which are not intention-focused.


Things I’m Exfoliating

The What I’m Learning Wednesday Newsletter 

The business newsletter will now be shared directly on the blog each Wednesday to help streamline the amount of content I create. It has been a challenge to find time to write the newsletter in addition to another blog post (or two).

For people who only read the newsletter, I will continue to send out the WILW emails each Wednesday with a link to the blog post so that they can continue to follow the business content exclusively.

Business In the City 

Though I have loved running the Business in the City group for the past two years, I want to make sure that I maintain a manageable workload as I shift to creating more offerings for Life with Intention.

To this end, I will be passing the Business in the City torch to a new leader (or two) starting in December. This means that the group will continue as usual under new leadership going forward. I’ll be sharing more details about this transition in November.


As I re-calibrate this balance between life and business, I feel a sense of lightness, peace, and curiosity. Each year, I find that something large seems to shift in my career. I can only wonder what will happen next.

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey, I cannot wait to serve you in even greater ways in the months and years to come!

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  1. fiercelyalex

    This is absolutely wonderful. I look forward to hearing more about how you are helping people with their lives.

      1. fiercelyalex

        You’re very welcome. Do you have plans to move your life with intention online like the business?

        1. That is a great question that another person has asked as well!

          Currently, the answer is no. I am actually starting another project (still under wraps) which is related to Life with Intention. Due to the size and scale of that project, I don’t have the time in my schedule to do both projects at once.

          So for now, I’m focusing elsewhere. But you never know in a few years down the road…

          1. fiercelyalex

            Thank you so much for your response. Looking forward to hearing about the new project you are cooking up when it is released.

          2. Jess Lively

            Thank you! I will be sure to mention it when I’m able to!

  2. stef

    I panicked when I saw WILW Newsletter listed. Glad to see it’ll still be around, just in a different form!

    1. Totally! It will still be here, it just is going to be a lot easier not having to write 2-3 posts/newsletters on Wednesday on top of everything else. : )

  3. Georgie

    Sounds great Jess! I especially love the idea of a podcast – I think you’ll be great at it 🙂

  4. giginyc

    Awesome, Jess! Also, the podcast sounds great. I thought it would suit you during the PV group! More videos also?

    1. That is awesome to hear! I actually got the idea for the podcast during the PV group. I was thinking about how many people wanted more podcast suggestions and how I could help provide something in that area!

      Though I have decided that the topics will be a bit more varied than always be on the more serious side. It will be a mix of a lot of things. : )

  5. Lindsay

    I’m so excited for you Jess! So much change and I’m so glad you’re thinking of your workload! I’m really interested in seeing you put the Life with Intention at the forefront!

    1. Thanks, Lindsay! I now tell people about your warning to me and how I did burn out a week later. : )

      It feels nice to learn to prioritize even the never-ending “exciting new ideas” that I have as well as let go of things that add unnecessarily to my workload.

  6. Reema

    Congratulations on all the changes! The new navigation looks really nice!

  7. Love the new nav bar Jess, it looks gorgeous! Congrats on all of the exciting changes, I love that your business is constantly evolving and you’re able to continually grow and expand doing what you love. Looking forward to the podcast too 🙂

    1. Thank you, Rachel. : ) I’m glad you like the new nav bar!

      I’m so excited to share the podcast with you, too!

  8. I’ve been reading your “What I’m Learning Wednesday” newsletters from the start, and am excited to be seeing them right here on the blog from now on =) Also, the brief description of how you’ve helped people (all over the country/world!) uncover their purpose and intentions sounds beautiful, Jess — I look forward to reading more about your “life with intention” projects, and the personal stories about how you’ve helped people (if your clients are okay with this). Personal stories are my favorites! =)

    1. Thank you, Yasmine! I’m excited to hear that you are looking forward to the newsletter content on the site. : )

      I’m also going to be sharing more from the clients, as they give permission, as well. : )

  9. Alexis

    I am really excited about the podcast. I listen to the Joy the Baker podcast and it is one of the highlights of my week. It’ll be fun to have this new podcast especially since I have already been following your blog and love your voice and content.

    1. I love that podcast, too! I am so excited to share the new ‘show’ with you… as soon as I figure out how to actually create a podcast!

  10. I love the new nav bar. It looks so pretty (your whole site does too!). I’m in the process of exfoliating some stuff out of my life. Looking forward to your podcast!

  11. Tara

    I love the new navigation bar it looks amazing! I have regular shows I love to listen to on my podcasts so I look forward to adding you to my list. Keep up the great, inspiring work!

    1. That’s awesome to hear. What podcasts do you like the most? What length do you enjoy? I’m thinking of 60 minute podcasts to start.

      1. Tara

        I love TedTalks, especially when I need a boost. I also listen to morning radio shows later in the evening like Bobby Bones Show Podcast (they are around our age and fun) on iheartradio.

  12. Ashley

    I am so looking forward to the podcast. I would also love to hear of podcasts you love listening too as well!

    1. That is awesome to hear! So far, I’ve only been listening to A Crash Course in Miracles and Home Fries. : )

  13. Michelle Robertson

    Love to hear you’re doing more life consulting, its such a great gift of yours!

    1. Thanks so much, Michelle! It’s fun to share it more as it has been happening behind the scenes. : )

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