wish i knew wednesday: how to craft a killer e-book


WishIKnewHowtoCraftKillerEbookTomorrow’s Wish I Knew Wednesday is a special edition which is going to be as informative for me as it is for you.

You see, I have been interested in creating an e-book but have no real clue how to take my content and bring it to life in an e-book format.

And I’m guessing other WIKW readers may be feeling the same way.

So the minute I saw Serena Faber Nelson’s incredible e-book, 52 Weeks of TreatsI knew she was the lady we all could learn from.

Not only is her content solid, but her visuals “take the [puppy] cake.”

(Sorry, I had to.)

Thankfully, Serena has agreed to share her insights and top 10 tips for crafting an excellent e-book with us all.


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