wish i knew wednesday: how to get the important things done first

WishIKnewImportantFirstTomorrow on Wish I Knew Wednesday, I’m going to share the method with which I’ve been slowly but surely working my into my routine in order to make sure the important things come first in my work schedule.

Because let’s be honest: we can all “stay busy” as long as we like when running our companies. The hard part is making sure we have the time and energy to get the important stuff done right away.


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  1. Virginia

    I enjoyed this WIKW. I wonder if we can manage the social-media-self-control somehow. I was going to suggest an alarm three times a day for specific times to check it but I don’t know how likely that is to work. The need to check seems to come out of boredom – what did people do before social media when they had those little bored moments?

    1. That’s a great idea! I think it would work for a bit for me, but then I could see myself letting things “slide.” I think I need to pull myself away from the little “win” I feel when checking the email as a break or distraction from the task at hand.

      For me, I think it is one part self-control, one part new type of distraction/reward. I might even try the Pomodero technique and see if that helps.

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