wish i knew wednesday: how to make a newsletter that spreads




Tomorrow on Wish I Knew Wednesday we are celebrating the first birthday of the newsletter!

In the process, I’ll also be sharing what I’ve learned from the last year of writing this newsletter which now has had close to 50 editions.

Though I never expected this little ol’ series to go this long or be so loved, it has turned into a great offering for myself and my readers in so many ways. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my take on the essentials for a powerful, worthwhile newsletter.


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  1. Jessica

    Hi Jess,

    Have you ever considered offering a way for readers to see the past WIKWs? I’ve enjoyed the series since I’ve been on the mailing list but I’ve read some of your past posts that mention the WIKW at the time and I wish I could read them!

    1. Jess Lively

      Stay tuned! Yes, there will be a way to read them, I’ll be announcing it soon. ; )

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