wish i knew wednesday: how to work with popular bloggers




This week on Wish I Knew Wednesday I’m answering the most popular question I get from WIKW readers: how to work with popular bloggers. Over the past four years I’ve personally had the privilege of working with many of my favorite (and very successful) bloggers.

Tomorrow I’ll share how I made those relationships and give a few tips on getting your business out there in the blog world. As you can imagine, there is no “secret” but there are some authentic ways to connect with people which can be effective.


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  1. TJ @ INK&IRON

    Great post! You mentioned PR, which got me thinking about companies that work with PR companies. Maybe you could touch on your experience with that on another WIKW post.

    1. Jess Lively

      Thanks! I actually talked about PR in a past email. I’ll forward it to you now. : )

  2. Jess Lively

    I could not agree more! In fact, that is what my email actually shared. : )

  3. Jess Lively

    Will forward it to you now. : )

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