wish i knew wednesday: the not-so-pretty side of self-employment

As I mentioned in my post about careers with intention, every career path has trade-offs and opportunity costs. I also believe that there has been some overemphasis and maybe a bit of glorification in the blogging world when it comes to self-employment.

Though we all know the wonderful benefits of having a small business (flexibility, autonomy, etc.) there are significant drawbacks which must also be considered as well. Tomorrow I’ll honestly share the biggest challenges I’ve faced in my fourteen-year business career.

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  1. Jess, thanks for mentioning that self-employment is sometimes glorified in the blogging world! It often makes me feel sort of inferior that I can’t figure out a way to “make it happen,” when it’s something I would love – to be able to write and share to a larger audience with the purpose of being authentic and enabling others to do the same. I’ve looked at your work in the past, but I’ve gone on a little binge this week and am really enjoying it (if you can’t tell from all my comments 🙂 ). Thanks for what you’re doing. xo.

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