TLS #191: Quantum Living – Why some people reject “woo-woo” teachings and others love them

Today’s Quantum Living segment is out to answer the question why some people love “woo-woo” teachings and other people tend to reject or discredit them.

This is far from a cut and dry topic. However, I’m going to be sharing (from my best understanding at this moment) why I believe this is the case.

By explaining some of the possible dynamics at play, my hope is that we will better understand our own perceptions of reality and the perceptions of those around us.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear a potential reason why some people readily accept “woo-woo” sounding concepts and others do not.





  • What woo-woo is in the first place, both dictionary definition and what I believe it is in our lives.

  • The explanation of what the pre-rational, rational and trans-rational approaches are.

  • What is the pre-trans fallacy all about?

  • What does this concept of woo-woo and science mean for us?

  • What does Quantum Mechanics and Classical Physics have to do with woo-woo?



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  1. “you are the key-holder to your perceived reality”

    ummmm….simply WOW!!!
    this has been by far the best description of woo woo i have ever come across.
    your breakdown of pre-rational, rational, trans-rational are spot on
    just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks…it is obvious you spent a LOT of time to gather this information so you could present it in a digestible fashion

    there are multiple people i am going to share this with because i feel it will help them to better understand me and my weirdness 🙂


    1. That is wonderful to hear, Dave! Thank you so much for sharing this episode with people you think it may help, too!!

  2. Merilyn Wilson Beretta

    Oh my. You’ve nailed something I’ve been wrestling with for a while. I’m making the move from corporate-traditional leadership development to my own online biz, but I’ve been uncomfortable because the models out there are mainly ‘rational’ approaches, which don’t light me up anymore. I was questioning the whole thing – and almost abandoned it, even though its dear to my heart. Your podcast just gave me ‘permission’ (or put into plain english what my intuition has been talking to me about) to explore a trans-rational approach to leadership development. Mmmmm. Thanks Jess.

    1. That is wonderful to hear, Merilyn!! I hope you continue to hone in on your intuition and follow it. : )

  3. Aviva Leebow Wolmer

    Thanks so much for this insightful episode. It was really insightful to hear someone talking about “woo-woo” teachings with such passion! I will definitely continue to tune into your show and follow your journey! Keep up the good work!

  4. I love this episode so much! One part that especially resonated with me was when you mentioned that we are made of the same elements as those that exist in the universe. That made me think about astrology. Some people find it woo woo, and there are some less than reputable astrologists, but how could we not be impacted by the planets? We are made mostly of water and we know that the ocean and tides are impacted by the phases of the moon. It seems logical to me that we are impacted in some way by the movement of the planets. I’ve especially enjoyed reading the website by Chani Nicholas ( It made me think that a conversation between the two of you about quantum mechanics and planetary alignment, etc. would be incredible. Just a thought!

  5. Alexis

    Hi Jess, I love the way you are tying quantum physics into your podcasts. You may find Marie Forleo’s podcast on overcoming fear interesting. I stumbled across it within hours of listening to TLS episode #191. Her guest Josh Pais explains how he uses the principles of quantum physics to help people overcome the resistance generated by their emotions. Enjoy! Here’s the link

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