TLS #132: self-worth + work, dealing with family judgements, & ambition (Work+Worth Q+A)


Today is a big day: my newest online class, Work+Worth, is now open for registration and I’ve got a new TLS Q+A episode for you!

Work+Worth is three weeks long (starting April 6th, 2016) and will focus on overcoming the stress, exhaustion and emotional roller coaster that happens when we over identify our self-worth with our careers.

You can learn more about Work+Worth and register for the class here.

Today’s TLS Q+A episode is also dedicated to the subject of self-worth and work:

I’m talking about how to respond the “so what do you do?” question, handle negative feedback from family members, deal with self-worth and work issues, and more.








  • How to handle it when others ask what you do. How can you answer that in a polite way that also kinda says, “Yes, this is my job but I’m more than just my job.”
  • I am a private piano instructor and I find that parents will text me at any hour of day sometimes with topics that should have been emailed. Even if I don’t open it or respond I am still thinking of it at dinner or in the evening. How can I address this or stop thinking about work?
  • I constantly struggle with wanting to be everything to everyone (in all aspects of my life but especially my work). How do I set boundaries with myself and others so that I start listening to my own needs and putting myself first?
  • I would like to know if you have any tips how to get your partner on family on board while working on your dreams to make them understand that you believe in yourself and what you do and you can do it! I sometimes feel like people are saying “sure” but what they are really saying is “you should find something real to do”.
  • What practices do you do to strengthen self-worth? Do you have any touchstones or affirmations that ground you if and when an idea or project doesn’t turn out how you wanted?
  • I was un/underemployed for over 4 years and it did a number on my self-esteem. How you work through those feelings of inadequacy when everyone around you has a full-time job and you’re looking really hard and doing everything you can, but nothing is working out.
  • What career advice would you give to someone who is excited by many interests and has tried several professional paths, but hasn’t found their ‘calling’ or a career that brings both personal fulfillment and financial security?
  • How do you balance patience and ambition in your work, and keep it separate from self worth? Ambition has always been a part of my self worth so what happens when I separate from that?




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PS: Work + Worth registration is now open through April 6th, 2016.



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  1. Tiffany Salisbury

    Jess – quick question about the seminar. I know I can’t be “live” for two of the classes. I see they are taped, so I can go back and watch. But would you recommend this approach or wait until it’s offered again (hopefully) so that I can join in live. Love this idea and really want to go for it, but I want to be intentional in doing it. Of course. Haha!

    1. I think that is totally fine! The recordings vs. the live are essentially the same thing. I imagine that many (if not most) members will watch the recordings vs. be on the sessions live. : )

    2. I believe the biggest piece to doing this intentionally is to apply the homework to your daily life. : )

    3. The biggest piece that will make a difference is implementing the concepts in your day-to-day life through the homework. : )

  2. Sandra Grivas Broussard

    Jess I was apart of the live call yesterday and enjoyed it very much. My question is if I participate in work and worth, will I have access to the videos and the materials after the class is over? If so for how long. I am a visual person and I often listen to the same thing a few times as a refresher.

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