TLS #189: Quantum Living: Why we don’t have to work as hard as we think we do

Today’s episode is out to answer the question: Do we need to work as hard as we think we do?

… And if not, how can we get the results we want without hustling as much as humanly possible?

I’ll be explaining what Albert Einstein proved to be the most pivotal element of the work/results equation on the quantum level… and how you can use this element to get what you want with flow instead of force in your own life.

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in learning how to get the best results possible, or for anyone looking to understand why pure ‘hustle’ is not always the best path to our desired outcome.





  • How I stumbled on the principles of quantum mechanics.

  • How it is the emotional frequency creates the outcomes moving in our lives, not the intensity of the action.

  • How incredibly powerful and essential the emotional frequency is to the results that we get.




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  1. Sabra Way

    Hello and thank you for the show. I thought you explained it all very well and made some nice connections between ‘woo-woo’ and science. What I have read about, practiced and failed to do consistently is figure out how to increase the frequency on demand. So, if you have insights or resources you could share in an episode I would be thankful.

    1. allison plas

      I’m wondering the same thing! Besides meditation and intention setting how do I set and/or assess emotional frequency? I can understand to gauge whether or not I’m on a state of happiness, but beyond that, I’m not sure how to even judge what “level” frequency I am or how to strive for my “highest” level! Anyone have any suggestions?!

    2. Katie De Jong

      Thank you Jess for a great episode. As a scientist by background myself, I love it when people are able to bridge the gap between complex scientific findings and the ability to apply the findings in real life.
      Sabra, I’m sure Jess has some great insights on your question, but I thought I’d share something that’s worked for me to raise my frequency quickly. A mentor Gina Maria Mele taught me a great technique of connecting quickly into love, which has the highest frequency of all emotions (love & peace). You get quiet, ground yourself into the earth and imagine a bright white light all around you. Drop into the space in your chest and try to recall a moment in life when you felt absolute joy or love. Bring all the details of that moment into mind, all the feelings, sensations, smells etc. Try to surround yourself in a bubble of this love. Enjoy this state as long as possible, but doing it quickly will work too. In this state, bring to mind all the good things that have happened in the past few days, months or years. This focus on the good also raises our frequency. Then have a clear intention about a great outcome you’d like for the day, week or month. Pretend you’ve already achieved it and feel how good it feels.

      Another great ritual is Jeanna Gabellini’s ‘Speed Dial the Universe’ journal ( Jeanna is all about the Law of Attraction and her journal helps you raise your frequency each and every morning. I use it and it’s fantastic.

      I hope this is helpful! Katie

      1. Sabra Way

        Hello Katie and THANK YOU. I love the exercise as it is simple and you can do it anywhere. I will go and check out the ‘speed dial’ the universe as well. I was just creating a personal journal outline action plan combining the Bullet Journal ( and The Desire Map Planner ( I thought the open ended versatility of the bullet journal and the soul inspired action the the Desire Map might bring me to some daily intentions that I can cultivate and build upon.

        1. Katie De Jong

          You’re so welcome Sabra, I’m so glad it helped! And thank you for the heads up on the Bullet Journal, I just checked it out. I’m a fan of Danielle’s Desire Map and I have her yearly planner, but I do love the Bullet Journal approach too. Thanks to you too!

  2. OMG Jess!!! I have been a student of the LoA and Abraham for about 10 years. I listen to Abe Hicks videos every day etc etc. But I have NEVER heard the principles explained so succinctly and beautifully. The analogies you used were fabulous (love the “thirsty” analogy. That has helped me SO much to clarify some sticking points for me). I just wish the last 2 episodes had been around when I started my journey (it would have saved a lot of time and money in my learning 😉 Really LOVE the direction of your podcast x

    1. Jess Lively

      That is so wonderful to hear, Vannessa!! As big AH sudent myself, I appreciate these kind words and I’m looking forward to sharing more about these types of things to hopefully help others on the path, too. : )

  3. Tara Riccio

    Hi Jess, I’m a little late to listening to this episode (and the quantum living series) but I am SO excited to have finally listened to this! I think this is an amazing topic and I really love the idea of explaining these principles of flow through quantum physics!

    One thing I’m struggling to understand in this episode is your definition of “frequency.” I understand the text book definition to be “the rate at which something occurs,” but it sounds like you are using it to refer to level your emotional self is on. I’m struggling to understand your definition and missing a bit of the connection. I think I understand the point of the episode as a whole (and love it) but am getting a little lost in those details. Would love any extra insight you can send my way!

    Thanks so much! Love your podcast – been listening since the beginning!

    1. Jess Lively

      Thanks, Tara! This is the one leap you must make in order to connect the dots – I am equating emotion to a frequency just like light, sound, x-rays, ultraviolet rays, etc.

      Please check with your intuition and see if this resonates with you internally. For me, it does. If it doesn’t resonate with your deep internal knowing, then they may not be an approach for you. : )

      1. ali jane

        Wouldn’t you say it’s an analogy rather than a leap?

  4. Priscila Jaikel

    Hello Jess! Im from Costa Rica and this is the first show that I get to hear. I have been struggling with anxiety disorders and “over thinking”, so I really enjoyed the show and hope to keep listening to other information that might help me in this process of becoming more in love with my HERE AND NOW.

    1. Jess Lively

      That’s wonderful to hear, Priscila! I hope this journey and the show continue to resonate with you. : )

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