would you like to hear more about the home design project?

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WouldYouLikeToHearAboutDesignProjectSo if we were sitting on the couch drinking a glass of wine together, I’d probably tell you all about the home design project that I’ve been working on.

Back in the day, I used to tell Mr. Lively how much I wanted to one day have a home, like Sarah’s Houseto decorate room by room. In talking to Jen the other day, I realized that this home project is pretty close (sans Tommy, a tv crew, the ability to design this home entirely in gold and white, and a cute theme song)!

The owners of the hotel that I’m working on in Andersonville are building a new home that I’m also decorating. It’s an awesome modern walk-up that is a few months away from completion.

Though I’m not making every single decision in the home, it’s been pretty awesome to see the faith that the homeowners have in my vision for everything from the lighting fixtures, to tile, to paint, to furniture in every room in the house.

The view you see above is the kitchen in its current state. The wooden racks you see at the bottom are going in the (insane) wine cellar that they are installing on to the right wall just out of view in this photo.

On Monday, I’ll be ordering these pendants for the island and working a furniture plan for a few of the other rooms in the house.

My question to you is: Would you like me to share more updates on this project? Or, would you rather me wait to share the more finished versions of the rooms? 


Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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  1. Judith, The Smitten Collection

    Keep the design project posts coming! I would love to see a post of the hotel.

    1. Thanks! So far, the hotel addition (which includes the lobby I’m designing) is in construction and will be finished next year. As far as the re-branding that I directed, the hotel owners have decided to wait until their exterior signage is ready before the big reveal. So I can’t share too much about that at the moment, but I will reveal as soon as I can!

      1. Judith, The Smitten Collection

        I can’t wait! Thanks

  2. Kara F.

    Yes please! Great to live vicariously through you and your fabulous taste!

  3. Sarah @ 702 Park Project

    Please share! We are in the middle of a home restoration and would love to see what you’re doing. PS- I’m totally obsessed with Sarah Richardson’s designs!!

    1. Wanna watch them sometime? Hah. I have re-watched most of her episodes 2-4x each.

      Best wishes with the house restoration!

  4. Jessica Haile

    I love seeing the process!

    ps…Tommy totally is necessary in Sarah’s House. You need to find yourself a Tommy stat 😉

    1. I know, right?! I think Jen is my Tommy, though she’s in Seattle and we’ve never met in person. Not quite the same witty banter back and forth, due to the distance, but it kinda works. ; )

  5. Carrie Waller

    Process updates would be a blast to see!!

  6. Ness G

    Would love updates! I love the process behind decisions, almost as much as the finished product!

  7. Thanks so much for the encouragement, ladies! I’m thinking about adding updates on the house each week. : )

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