TLS #291: Why we Don’t Have to Work So Hard with Yasmin Parke

Today on The Lively Show we’re covering a MAJOR topic: why we don’t really have to work so hard! We’re talking with Yasmin, a client who just started studying mindfulness and the Law Of Attraction a few months ago.

She’s grown really quickly in a short time, and her Inner Being is feeling the pull to move to another “level” of consciousness – if her mind will allow her to let go!

Our mind might tell us we need to read a certain amount of books from gurus or go to so many seminars or meditate so many times before we’re “ready” to look within. In reality, we’ve already got all the answers we need. It’s okay to trust your inner voice.

Yasmin and I discuss when it’s okay to move beyond things that are no longer serving you, and why suffering “for just a little bit longer” in a situation that’s not working isn’t worth it.

I also share how this truth showed up in my own life when I was in what I call my “season 4 Jess” mindset, and talk about a few of my favorite personal manifestations from the past few weeks.

We also talk about letting go of what I call the enlightenment chore chart, or the idea that you need to struggle your way to higher consciousness. We don’t need to suffer for enlightenment! If you’re having trouble letting it all flow, this episode is for you.

Let’s go to the show. : )









  • Jess answers questions about the intuition and ego.

  • They discuss when it’s okay to move beyond things that are no longer serving you.

  • Jess dives into Yasim about her Inner Being and how she gets pulled into other levels of consciousness.

  • She discusses the difference between “season 4 Jess” and “season 5 Jess.




Paul Selig

The Power of Now

Alan Watts

Eckhart Tolle

Byron Katie

Dr. Joe Dispenza

“Enlighten-Mint” Meditation Download





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