TLS #223: Wouldn’t it be crazy if… our personalities don’t live in our brains or bodies? with Erin Loechner

Today on The Lively Show we are launching a new series called “Wouldn’t it be crazy if…”

In this series, we’ll have fun merging cutting edge scientific discoveries with personal imagination to consider new possibilities about what ‘life’ really is… and how we live more easefully (and powerfully) as a result.

In today’s episode, we’ll be discussing the possibility that our personalities may not live in our physical brains or bodies. And if that’s true… what are the repercussions?

This episode is perfect for anyone open to considering a new way of looking at “who” or “what” we “really are.”







  • Jess discusses with Erin about how the flow is been going and how that past month has been.

  • How scientists see these concepts of quantum mechanics and quantum living in life today.

  • We review what Quantum Mechanics is and how Jess integrates that as part of her life.

  • They describe the wholistic point of view which is trying to recognize the interconnection of all things.

  • We talk about the Zero Point Field theory, which is the quantum state with the lowest possible energy.

  • We discuss how the Left brain and Right brain people think and how the science can effect our thoughts and beliefs.




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  1. Erika Peters

    I would love to learn more about this subject! I really like that Christianity got brought up. I would love for you to dig deeper into that with Erin.

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